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Why are FIRESTOP Services needed in OMAN?

Updated: Sep 19

The very practical answer to this question is because Oman has a large number of high-rise buildings already, and various are under construction. You must be aware of the fact that the fire-related fatalities are caused because of the extensive exposure to smoke. The firestop services are truly mandatory to be provided by the contractors to save lives.

Accordingly, the high-rise buildings require significant firestopping measures to get implemented for life safety. RISE & SHINE is dealing with the firestopping services for a long time. And, we are well aware of all the causes of fire spread. Hence, our fire protection services and the firestop solutions ensure the protection of life and assets in the buildings. You must avail our services to ensure protection from fire.

Firestopping solutions are used, in combination with a various range of materials and components, to seal joints, openings and penetrations in fire rated resistance walls or floor systems. RISE & SHINE fire stopping solutions are devised and built as vital parts to passive fire protection.

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