We are specialized in quality and reliable solution for Insulation and waterproofing jobs including its application technical support and service to meet the specific requirements,for both in construction and industrial projects. Our unique system is suitable for almost all common types of residential and industrial roofing. including corrugated fibro. aluminum, steel, concrete, timber, asbestos and bitumen.


  • Clean the roof using compressed air to make sure substrate is free of dust and debris.

  • Supply & spray apply SA Roofshield foam at an average thickness of 70mm over the entire roof area

  • Apply elastomeric /acrylic/PU protective coating over the entire foam area and allow to dry

  • Flood Test the roof for a minimum period of 24 hours.

  • Lay geo-textile protection layer over the entire roof area.

  • Lay protective screed of approved design mix in panels and cure as per standard procedures with slope.

  • Apply backing rod and sealant to all expansion Joints in the screed.

  • Apply final cementitious or highquality polyurea tough top coating

  • Final inspection will be carried out to provide guarantee.